The Day You Left

A Sunday morning, it was calm and steady,
God must have felt that your soul was ready.

I stood there and counted between each breath,
I held your hand, it was all I had left.

As each breath got shorter, each one got longer,
On our side you seemed weak, but on God’s you were stronger.

I prayed to God’s ears, the words that I sent were,
Don’t take her God, please don’t, I need her!

So helpless I felt, my knees dropped and knelt,
My heart had been hurt, with a whip lashing belt,

Fast like a light, sharp like a knife,
Without you here, I’d have no life!

Just like that, my world was changed,
I could not forgive how this day was arranged.

So peaceful your face was, so loving and blessed,
With tears down my face, I sure was a mess.

So confused, so much to ask,
So much to say, but time doesn’t last.

Upset with the Maker for what happened that day,
How could I forgive him, for taking you away?

Life returns on, but without you it feels wrong,
God spoke to me, and he sang me this song.

My dearest child I love you so,
Grammoms with me, I am watching her glow.

She knows you love her, and it hurts that she’s gone,
She says to remember that life must go on.

She wants you to know, she was always around,
She watched over you, as your knees felt the ground.


Todays best new poem was written by Chelsea Turgeon.


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