The Dark Walk

Into the fight I run,
alone under the fading light,
lost in the grey sky,
the shadows have come.

Into the still silence,
among the last breath,
standing among the willow,
the meeting with death.

Into the long walk ahead.
he never spoke a word,
saving me from pain,
nothing left unheard.

Into my last days,
he whispered in my sleep,
“I shall come for you,
to take you to the deep.”

Into my memories fade.
what once was kept,
slowly turned down,
on life losing ground.

Into the love lost,
the heart still feels,
but for I who has learned,
the traveler makes the deals.

into my eyes to see,
there is nothing left,
a portion of hope,
he has taken and kept.

Into the walk we take,
with shadows in his face,
solid nothingness,
and a slow rolling pace.

into the dark we walk…
into the dark we walk..

Todays best new poem was written by Brian LeMay.


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