The Book Of Faces

It’¬ís like staring into a magically distorted lens-
Where your personality swaps with your enemy
Reality becomes fiction
This only leads to the friction

Try to pull away
And it will only pull back like a black hole
A super-storm engulfing all technologies
A chilly zephyr rushing past you.

Cataloging each victim-
The drunken dictator, mighty with power-
Gains a Lead each day.
To infinity and beyond-

The less known the better-
Until it hits you
And drags you through the portal
Changing genes and personality to cyberspace

One can only imagine-
The vista engulfed by the figure
As the final moment to remember-
Becomes digitized as well.

All-too-much… to comprehend.

The power it holds-
One fails to see
Naiviety gets the best of us
Until its too late

When the portal is closed-
Hopefully that day never comes
But as the years pass on-
Its power is stronger

Drop by drop
Our blood drains-
To nothing more [than heaps of metal]
And humanity has ended.

(As years fade to books fades to screens to black.)

Todays poetry contest submission was written by JCA.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?