The Blue

My beautiful darling
I love you more
Than the crocuses
That peek their heads out
In January
Albeit prematurely

How can they help themselves?

Like I can’t with you
My sweet honey
I love you more
Than the warm smiles from strangers
On a cold winters night
On the street


When I need it most
More than everything in the sky
That’s how much I love you
More than the stars and the moon
And the blue of the sky
I love you more than most things I can think of
My precious angel

Much more than the blue.


Todays best new poem was written by Pete Armetta.


9 thoughts on “The Blue

  1. I love this — Pete’s usual guileless voice has such a vulnerability that always makes him worth reading.

  2. This poem skilfully navigates the territory between humour and twee. It verges between heartfelt sincerity and a casual intimacy that speaks of a more meaninful connection than can be found in the materiality of words by themselves.

  3. Ever the romantic Pete! I get a touch of whimsy from it and I like the “blue” references you’ve used throughout.

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