The Ant And The Gnat

I once saw an ant
Who liked to rant
About the gnat
Who relished a good chant
About eggplant.

Now the ant
Who was quite gallivant
said, “I shan’t
hear that gnat chant
any longer about eggplant.”

So he sent a servant
Who came to the gnat all in a pant.
He explained about the ant
Disliking eggplant.

But the gnat
Who was quite confidant
Had no fear of the gallant ant
And said it was inconvenient
To stop his chant
And added to it by talking about his houseplant.

The ant did not like this new format
And wished to transplant
His neighbor gnat
To a convent

Since neither would recant
The wise servant
Wrote up a covenant
And forced both the ant
And neighbor gnat
To sigh an agreement
That they would no longer rant
Or chant.

Don’t believe me? Go as the gnat!

Todays best new poem was written by Jack.


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