These tears that drip to my heart
tears to see another day
tears of Your holy presence tears I know I must rely on Him to strengthen me
tears of no more shame and all the pain into victory
tears that this is so real so true impossible to be taken away
tears so gripping I long for more and more of You
tears that only You see
tears that only You save
this is what I have today
my tears streaming down my face
tears of humility,integrity of no disgrace
tears of so much emotion
tears cause I know where I’ve been and where You’ve taken me
tears of fallen dreams that God takes place with His
tears of my brokenness in Your holiness
tears forever changing me
tears is what I give to Thee
tears,tears washing away all my fears
sometimes tears that have nothing to do with me
I believe these are the tears cherished so much
yes those tears for another pain, another suffering,
another heartache,another victory
someone might grab a hold of this,
but no one can have the tears that made it


Todays best new poem was written by His Soldier.


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