Tears Of A Child

Scotland’s honour cried that day,
Within a frozen field,
A child has lost his innocence,
Never to be healed.

The cold is deep within my bones,
As within the barn I lay.
I know I’m not alone in here,
There are sounds within the hay.

I try to stop the shaking,
I stand to face the day,
The frozen morn growls back at me,
So to the sky I say………………..

Why am I here?
Cold and alone,
With Angry like fire,
And feelings like stone.

Where is this God?
This big man up there,
With flowing white gown,
With golden light hair?

My feet are so cold,
My toes are in pain,
I can’t feel my fingers,
I’m crying again.

They said that you help us,
In times of great need,
That we are your children,
That we are your seed.

Yet you let them abuse us,
You let us feel pain,
You let them leave laughing,
To do it again.

You let them destroy us,
And leave us defiled,
Your guilt is our innocence,
The tears of a child.

Todays best new poem was written by James Anderson.


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