Tall As A Tree, All I Can Be

Through the survival of soil,
I buried a seed who is unborn,
As I awaken my soul these roots will spread through
the vines of fulfillment,
I’m a stump of many dreams to accomplish and capture other
minds of knowledge.
Even when you see pieces of bark from a tree,
that can be depression or expression you choose?
Don’t let no one take away your candlelight” Let it Shine”,
As limbs break day by day, night by night, it’s the same with the world making mistakes,
As leaves regrow with happiness they begin to ask for forgiveness,
As if every leaf falls to the ground,
As the raggedy moss we see every day is like death, but the only difference its hanging. Do you want your life to be this way? We as people have to wake up and realize, life is too short, Don’t let pain take advantage of your precious love and spirit,
I standstill as a tree while making,
“Dreams Come True”


Todays best new poem was written by Poetic Justice Love.


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