The End Is Here!

The end has arrived. Not the end of the world like many predicted though. The last poem has been featured to be judged for the free poetry contest for 2012. Today, I’ll be counting the beans to find out which poets have written the top 10 poems featured in this years contest..

I will start tommorow, and begin announcing the 10 most popular poems featured in the 2012 poetry contest at the rate of 1 poem a day. I will start with the 10th most popular poem in 2012 and end with the announcement of the #1 poem, and this years winner of the cash prize, on December 31st.

I would like to thank all 350 poets that participated in this years contest. I would also like to thank the 12,500+ poetry fans that helped judge the contest. I must say that, being the first year long contest here at Best New Poems, it has been a success! Especially, since I did not receive any complaints.. 🙂 For those that would like to compete in the free poetry contest for 2013, submissions are now being accepted, and I look forward to another great year of competition!