Power To The People

Over your head
And through the woods
I plant a seed to grow
You may think this is good
But don’t seem to know
Where this is going
God is bestowing
The power to change
To take a stand
For what is right in front of you
Absolute truth
Ignore it and you’re hurting self
Digging the knife into the bone
No one is ever alone
Do you think this is a good way to raise a child?
Why continue to live in denial?
Certainly you know we can do better
Well, waiting for an invitation?
You’re not that busy with this life
I know millions of you go to church to see the light
Well, I’m bringing it to you
Black and white
Plain as day
Do what you feel is right
And do away with what is no longer growing corn
It’s an expression y’all
If it isn’t justice
For the love of God do something
Have you seen the Presidential Candidates?
It’s laughable
Rather have Bush in office again

Todays best new poem was written by Waya.


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