Romancing Mother Nature

The soil crumbles slightly
Unto our boiled blood
Saliva makes the garden grow
Heat the sun up with my pollen
To withstand pain in his light

Tangled like a marionette
to such disheveled grasp
and through wearied and mighty
Heavenly fingertips of insight

Fornication eyelids,
so tender and abashed
Now fallen in them I flow

The prodigy of white clandestine feathers
Softly melts high and gushes low

Fortress of surrender. Cupid to the arrow
Now flood to heart and marrow
Course veins bare tender to the apple

A salvation of hope bleeds to our arteries
Like needles that tear through precious divinities
Breathing to a tunnel of waterfalls and skies above…
The savoring of lips soaked in the mudslides of sanctuaries
Down into me, now fallen in me he flows

The light in the tunnel, so suddenly bright
That we are rapidly dying
Boon for boon unlike fallen pedals
We must share each other
Like the romance of God and Mother Nature


Todays best new poem was written by Andrea Quidor.


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