Small Town Sorrows

Feeling your life start to fade, wishing this would turn into a better day.
All the emotions swirling around, how much more could happen to this town.
Worse and worse our lives get, everyone always tries not to fret.
It doesn’t always work as we’re so depressed, and no one can handle all these amounts of stress.
Days go by as we try and rewind the past, but we are just now realizing that the time is going by so fast.
The beginning of the year started with a wreck, a beautiful girl (what the heck.)
Her life gone forever at the age of 15, and it just gets worse for all the teens.
Half way through the year, there are even more tears.
Just a town away two boys get in a wreck, and one is still in recovering today.
One had passed away after just a week, no one knew it was happening he just hit the peak.
The other is still in therapy, from when he wrecked his Cherokee.
And now the grief is back, in a new form of attack.
His life gone from that shot, that took his life right on the spot.
Tears shedding every day, while people pray for everyone to be okay,
All the grief I saw on this day, there’s nothing to do but pray.
As the days go by, people try to act normal without a sign.
It’s just so hard to do knowing the truth, but you can’t say anything because there was never any proof.
You want to believe that it was just an accident, at least something that you could prevent.
But there wasn’t a reason or rhythm, to why he committed such a hideous crime.
It’s been an awful year, from all the whispers that go from ear to ear,
All the stories people like to tell, they all just make you want to yell.
Some are bad and some are good, it’s all as if you were from the hood.
I still can’t wrap my mind around it all, even though it just happened this fall.
Life is more complicated than ever, and I will always remember this year forever.
So many good memories from the lives lost, and none of them have a single cost.
They will be treasured forever and always, it won’t even matter when we go our separate ways.
But for now I will cherish your memory, and none of you will ever be forgotten by me.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Britney.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?