My Rose

On a lonely island, the water
clear and all around me,
there is a stone in front in the water;
upon which a Red rose lies.
It is so close to pick up, but
where I stand it is slowly,
floating away; uncertainty
hangs over my heart,
like a King’s cloak, but
this deep sadness like the ocean
in front of me, comforting
yet piercing

I am chained by my helplessness.
Desire-my desire; it is checked and subdued
into a dark vortex
with rushing waters behind me.
Souls entwined, the stars’ path
have crossed , what force blocks my path?
But the Truth.

Walking through the King’s Hallway
The Beloved and Hope-his longing-
a wall of silence is conjured, but not wanted;
words are open, but the sound is dampened.

Cherubs and Seraph
and Angel, on the conscious
Dreams are longed because reality is shaded.

Birds with blue and black soft feathers
soar through dancing rain,
these aqueous entities dance
to a slow waltz, but never
touch, since uncertainties
build, but the sun opens,
the stars shine like candles

Happiness and Hope hold hands
Filling my Dreams.
My Rose; I am here, I will have Time
in my hands, and wait in Melancholy and uncertainty.
My Rose, Hope

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Amos.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?