What Makes Us Fall

When times are bad and grief is high, what makes us fall.
Friends begin to stray away, what makes us fall.
Fill our car with gas or give our children food, what makes us fall.
The weak becomes the devil’s bait, what makes us fall.
Family’s homes are lost to debt, what makes us fall
The quest for happiness seems a waste, what makes us fall.
Vacations become a thing of the past, what makes us fall.
Love becomes so hard to hold, what makes us fall
U.S. goods become extinct, what makes us fall
The greed of of others tighten the rope, what makes us fall.
Losing faith in God above, That’s what makes us fall

Todays poem competition entry was written by Johnnyocean.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Vaudeville Is Dead

A funeral of sorts, for a dear friend,
And entertainer,
Who has passed.

Who once put on eclectically-billed shows,
And packed her houses
With rich picks from Comedy to Magic,
Minstrel to Acrobatics,
And the beloved Song-and-Dance,
Is gone.

Who once housed such greats
As Garland, Bojangles, & Gypsy Rose,
Is now just their rusty springboard.

Her theaters are all empty,
Nothing more than small-town dives,
And movie theaters;
A tourist’s Orpheum Circuit,
And elegance forgotten.

The performers have all left,
Their trunks packed with costumed fare-thee-wells,
As the trains leave her behind.

But they return for the eulogy.

Her house is packed one last time,
But there is not a dry eye in it,
For hey-day memories remain.

Her casket is open,
As one by one they approach,
And speak fondly of her.

But who once lifted war-time blues
With gaiety and song
Is now nothing more than Broadway’s little sister.

Alas, Vaudeville is dead,
And her casket must be closed,
And buried,
For nothing lasts forever.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Kelsey Drummond.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?



Barn doors pushed shut
an indication something worth
investigating was within.
It took all my strength to open,
slide to close again.

New birth in pungent urgency
led me to the still born calf quite warm.
I nestled in the hay beside it,
placed my arms around its neck.

I knew what death was,
had heard whispers of my
mother’s not long before.
I could hear the mother cow’s
loud bawling from outside
the back barn door.

I felt the spirit of the calf lift,
swirl around me, disappear.
It grew cold. I felt damp fear.

I sat in the caliginous stall until
my sister came, took me by the hand,
ran with me past my Grandmother’s
blood moon lit garden of hollyhocks,
strawberries, rhubarb and iris.
Past the spot where a rattler
soaked up water from a sprinkler
one August day, past the rotted
elm where winged fire ants
swarmed in balls before they
tumbled to the ground.

We opened the rusted screen door,
tiptoed to bed where I lay crying,
because it felt so wondrous,
because it felt so good,
until the moonstain no longer
spread across the floor.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Ronda Miller.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Sleep Frights

…Oh…as I lay me down to sleep.. I pray not my soul
to keep but rather my soul to sleep in comfort, for
as I lay I first think, “do I let my toes touch toes or
cross my ankles over? Do I bend 1 leg at the knee with the
other straight or just keep both out straight? Or do I
pretend I’m on the flying rug of Aladdin, both knees bent??
Do I keep both arms akimbo or one on my waist or under my waist? One arm resting under my head, over my head or on
my head??!
Do I rest-tilt my head to the left or to the right
side? Do I feel more at ease laying on my left side or my
right side?
Did I brush my teeth? Do I need a drink? Did I do my
nightly ritual use of Noxzema? Did I tinkle? Do I dare
move to scratch my forehead or rub my knee or toe??!
Should I just flop over on my tummy to sleep or just try
to stay calm, lay still, and just think, like, ‘What will I wear tomorrow, who will I see, What will I say and did I forget
something important today’??!
Tho it’s a little late, dare I say, for what’s done is done
and what’s said has been said and soon tomorrow will be
a new day”, so I sigh…
Yet the night is still young and full of fraught thoughts,
so I again sigh… Oh…as I lay my soul down to sleep… I
pray not my soul to keep but rather my soul to sleep, in comfort and now for my mind to p-p-please REST IN PEACE!!!

Todays poem contest entry was written by Laughing Cloud.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Awaken Me

Awaken these eyes from this spell that I’m in
Awaken my mind from the darkness within
Escape from the cause in which this pain set in
Silence this noise let me focus again

Screaming inside, a sudden loss of control
Let this tension subside thus make me feel whole
I’m at my own mercy god carry my soul
Entirely drawn to the emptiness I hold

I reach for a light that I cannot obtain
It seeps through my grasp but I do not complain
I watch in despair as it fades away
Returning once more to my cornered domain

Todays poem contest entry was written by Jeremy Anderson.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Get The Best

How will an eagle soar?
When it awaits the north wind to pillar
Mount in space with conserving wings
To arrive it’s pre-destined venue
Patience is a virtue

How will the lion prey and feed?
When it ambushes the meat of the field
Sprint beyond measures with muscular limbs
To prey living being for well being
Wisdom the principal thing

How will the ant shelter?
When it digs deep beyond limiting fetter
Together they pick soil particles to gather
To attain food, welfare and probably water
Foreseeing is an intellectual banner for answer

How will I breed ideas from patient incubation
When I sit tight for utopia imagination
Focus in tranquility and poetic collation
To poetic rhymes and stunning observation
Talent is tautologically a marvelous wonder—–

Todays poem contest entry was written by David Oyewole.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


My Other Half

The moment I gazed across your beauty,
I felt a sense of wonder and desire.
My heart melted when the twinkling of your eye emerged to my sight;
I couldn’t stop imagining a future of love and compassion between us.
After some time passes,
You gave me an opportunity to prove our connection.
The keyhole to our souls unlock as we let each other in,
And true love grows like the pulchritudinous white lotus.
Memories began to strengthen our bond,
As we surpassed every quandary that crossed our path.
Thinking back to every milestone we’ve accomplished;
Certainty of knowing you are the one I’ll cherish forever luxuriate.
Today I pronounce to always treasure our fondness for one another,
To respect and honor you until my last breath of life.
Destiny will unfold the truth of how fate brought us together;
Our spirits become one for the rest of eternity.

Todays poem contest entry was written by Jaden Newberry.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?