Essences & Illuminations

Leave the door ajar for me
At least a curious little chink
That all the essences of song may spiral up
And of you make me think.

Ah leave the night aflame for me ,
Let stars that burn all shine intense
That all their light may paved illuminate the way
To a wisdom as immense.

Leave a little love aside for me
When to me all your love you’ve given
That I may thrive on doubl’d hope
As we both build anew on the old and welldriven.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Saloni Kaul.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Small Town Sorrows

Feeling your life start to fade, wishing this would turn into a better day.
All the emotions swirling around, how much more could happen to this town.
Worse and worse our lives get, everyone always tries not to fret.
It doesn’t always work as we’re so depressed, and no one can handle all these amounts of stress.
Days go by as we try and rewind the past, but we are just now realizing that the time is going by so fast.
The beginning of the year started with a wreck, a beautiful girl (what the heck.)
Her life gone forever at the age of 15, and it just gets worse for all the teens.
Half way through the year, there are even more tears.
Just a town away two boys get in a wreck, and one is still in recovering today.
One had passed away after just a week, no one knew it was happening he just hit the peak.
The other is still in therapy, from when he wrecked his Cherokee.
And now the grief is back, in a new form of attack.
His life gone from that shot, that took his life right on the spot.
Tears shedding every day, while people pray for everyone to be okay,
All the grief I saw on this day, there’s nothing to do but pray.
As the days go by, people try to act normal without a sign.
It’s just so hard to do knowing the truth, but you can’t say anything because there was never any proof.
You want to believe that it was just an accident, at least something that you could prevent.
But there wasn’t a reason or rhythm, to why he committed such a hideous crime.
It’s been an awful year, from all the whispers that go from ear to ear,
All the stories people like to tell, they all just make you want to yell.
Some are bad and some are good, it’s all as if you were from the hood.
I still can’t wrap my mind around it all, even though it just happened this fall.
Life is more complicated than ever, and I will always remember this year forever.
So many good memories from the lives lost, and none of them have a single cost.
They will be treasured forever and always, it won’t even matter when we go our separate ways.
But for now I will cherish your memory, and none of you will ever be forgotten by me.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Britney.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Who Am I

Every minute of everyday, I build anger towards this someone who isn’t me.
I look at myself in a mirror, wondering who this could be.

I see photographs of this person everyone once knew.
I smile with tears, this is who they miss, I miss me too!

This some one I can’t tolerate has totally harmed myself.
Pulled me from the two most important parts of my life and placed them on a shelf.

This person I’ve became,obviously doesn’t realize or doesn’t even care.
The bond I hold with these two, promising I would always be there.

I fell so weak to let this someone take me away.
Just to reassure my love is strong, I’ll be me again someday.

I refuse to let those two hearts be played with like toys.
They are my life long true love’s. They are my boys.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Luna


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Mother And Son

My sweet baby boy, all bundled up tight
Sleeping so soundly, all through the night

Mommy will love you until the end
I promise to always be your best friend

I love you so, my beautiful soul
Without you here, I wouldn’t be whole
You may not get it yet,
But one day soon you will, I bet

I’ll hold your hand and dry your tears
Forever and always, so have no fears
You’re so bright, you’re sure to shine
No matter what, you’re always mine

Right now you’re young, but soon you’ll see
You, my son, hold the key

The bond we share between mother and son
Cannot be broken by anyone

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Whitney Lutz


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Spirit Of The Sun

twirl tumble twist and fall
the waves cannot resist protesting
during the ocean’s roll call
one of them is missing, they weep
the child of the eternal summer
leaping with laughter
crying with gratitude
weathered skin glowing in the sunset thereafter

an endless golden stream
descending down her back
the mermaid of the seas,
replacing all thoughts black.
Indeed, she is the one the sand yearns for
once the moon climbs high
listening as the wind
comforts her with a sigh
quiet murmurs travel through the night
swallowed by the universal observers above.

Never short of a smile
that nourishes any spirit, every spirit
so dearly loved by the sun
that holds her embraced for an infinite while
because who wouldn’t?

maybe the reason she loves the waves so much
is because she is just like them
elegance in every motion
raw beauty just like the ocean
unpredictable yet sturdy
ready to face whatever’s next
dancing away life’s sweet pain and joy
with a talent so complex

what the future holds,
nobody knows, but for her,
happiness and compassion she chose
may she forever be the flowers’ sister,
the fairies’ friend,
for what I know
she can do anything
that she puts her heart into

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Catriona Stohlmann


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Kathy The Calming Sea

You’re just like a calming sea
singing us your final song of love
you will be forever in our hearts
in our memories, for eternity
now you’re without pain,
without any suffering
we all love you still
you’ll look down from heaven
watching over us helping us along
our way keeping us safe and sound
silently validating in our choices
at night I see you in my dreams
we will forever love you and keep
you in our hearts remembering every caring word you sang
in your sweet, beautiful voice

we miss you and love you, Kathy Ricks
born October 25, 1961 – died March 31, 2015

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Xander Crow


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?



They hovered serenely, relieving the night
of its glacial chill
Spreading across the tapestry of the sky,
creating a kaleidoscopic curtain
of a myriad of hues, that coalesced to form
a night of harmony, of tranquility, of magic
Boasting shards of green, tendrils of violet
shadows of Persian blue, violent azure,
with speckles of sapphire, knitting together a palette of wonder
that adorned the midnight sky
The Auroras pirouetted along the horizon,
its performance akin to a vibrant, enchanting ballet
bestowed upon the earth by the celestial forces
who longed to witness beauty on that wintry night
The warmth that emanated from their depths
extended their arms, encasing me, a lone viewer,
in their motherly, comforting tenderness
The lights shimmered tantalizingly, gleaming proudly
doing a spectral dance of love and wonder
My eyes glazed in awe, I basked in the charm, the gratitude
that enveloped my soul, which increased by the minute
And from miles afar and beyond, I could perceive,
vaguely hear stirring melodies, haunting tunes
seeming to emerge from the sprinkle of stars
against the backdrop of midnight
Whether I was rooted for minutes, days or years-
it mattered not
But when the celestial ballet came to a close,
I felt not painful grief, but hope,
for the earth seemed to have inherited a bit
of the loveliness
that this astral dance had emitted

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Richa Gupta


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?