Soundless Reflection

Company beyond my dreams
but fantasies fall asleep
Held hostage in your mirrored sins
the glance turns on me
but the reflection is empty

Don’’t dare to breach
when I’’m here you can reach
it’’s a soundless night

And I’’m down on a Thursday
Cryin’ in a café

Syndrome sublime, courageous crime
the fence it starts to break
the paint is wet
but goodbye is said
so you move on

Don’’t try to reach
I won’’t care when you breach
it’’s a soundless night

And I’’m there every day
Dancin’ in a café

It’’d be a whole a lot better tomorrow
Ran but forgot to count the steps
I won’’t see your face tomorrow
‘cause your eyes reflect my mess

The fence and the mirror start to break
Your soundless reflection is the one I made


Todays best new poem was written by Elysa van der Ven.