The darkness is back
It’s reinforcements, words of doubt.
You can’t survive this time.
The doubt’s getting louder.
Long wispy fingers etching the doubt into you.
You’re breaking, falling, not going to make it.
The glowing footprints that once followed and helped?
The words of doubt come with memories.
Falling, failing, screaming.
The wispy fingers pulling you back to the past.
You need to get away
You run
Laughter, screaming. Failing, surviving.
You know you can make it!
You’ve broken through it,
you’re now basking in the beauty of hope.
The footprints have returned.
It told you something, and you knew,
somehow the glowing sanctuary
would never disappear again.
The words of the one that followed?
I never left you not once.
Those footprints.
They where mine.
I carried you out from the cold darkness of doubt.
Into the glowing sanctuary of hope.
Never forget, I will always be there.
The wispy tendrils of doubt, where gone forever.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Amy Cross.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?