Hello My Friend, Goodbye

Heavy hearts surround you
Gazing, as if in awe
Wanting arms abound in view
Waiting for their call
Words have lost their luster
Tears have lost their shine
All that can be mustered
Requisite for this opine

“Hello my friend goodbye”
Such rasp and callused notes
Offered in the sigh
Between the cries and quotes
Your presence unparalleled and perfect
Missed in mourning’s wrath
Remembrance paid in profound respect
By those that crossed your path

“Hello My Friend Goodbye”
With sweet and fragrant chords
Voices raised to high
Tis you, our aim, toward
Your love and laugh infectious
Though comforting and adored
Remains with us reminiscent
That Heaven bespoke them more


Todays best new poem was written by Steven Strobel.