Secret Summer Story

One glance on a starry night on a boardwalk
You and I made some quick small talk
That’s all it took for me to be smitten
Your hand fits mine better then a winter mitten.
Soothing in simmering hot tubs
Just you and I and hot cocoa mugs
Even in this 80-degree heat
To be so close to you would be such a treat
Even when the vanilla candles are no longer lit
Our time still refuses to quit
I may cry and spill out all my fears
And you’d lightly wrap your fingers around my face
Washing away any tears
Twirling my hair around my ears
Wanting what I cannot have
Thinking about you in every way
I wish our time could have lasted and stayed
In every crowd I see your face
But to be together we’d have to be in the same place
If only time worked out better
If only I took advantage of our little time together
If I said exactly what was on my mind and got rid of the silly shy
Then perhaps every time I thought of you I wouldn’t want to cry
It is so cruel to long for something that is wrong
Wishing I didn’t have to be so strong
I’m in one place and you’re in another
Somehow, someway maybe we would just have each other
Even if it is just for one summer
Or just one day here and one day there
I’d be so lucky to have your time to share
I want to let you in and understand your sweet soul
We could be the best summer story ever told

Todays poetry contest entry was written by LL


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?