held together by the infinite by finite glue.

I am just as much of me inside of them as you are you.

I’ve played this game for who knows how long
inside the wonder of paradigm, and I’m waiting to come home.

one moment I am left with pain, and another moments gone.

I watch the shift of the times and wonder just how long.

I’ve given into this treachery to let it turn me inside out

crippled by the comfort when all truth is turned to doubt.

while light bleeds through to show me what I cannot live without.

I look under the rock just to see and the paradox is there.
I split the piece of wood and truth is still nowhere.
I knock on the door with a golden lock.
I say to the mountain move and I’m a blind man with a rope.

I’m held together by illusion, by just one single thread.

trying to let go of letting go before I fall down dead.

I’m a jester in the court of god solving puzzles for a dog

I’m a baby crying for sustenance and chewing on his tongue.

my life is swaying through the mire, this coldest disposition.

in the contrast of my motive for loss and gods sweet juxtapositions.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Justmagick.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?