Dreaming Of The Day

Here in the darkness he lies awake as she slumbers on his chest.

Cozy is her hand in his and deep is her breath.

He waits not for the morning sun but, for the day.

Serenity as pure as the graceful shore, were pain subsides and endures no more.

He wonders what she dreams of and if his thoughts are of her own.

Just her breathing can be heard and her heart beat felt.

A tear rolls off his cheek but, she will not know of his joy for her.

Not yet, no, time is abundant he ponders.

“Soon” he, whispers in her ear, “Soon my love, soon you will know without a doubt.”

His tear dries with a damped streak sensation down his cheek.

She wakes for a moment to turn over and says to him.

“My side hurts”, and that she loves him.

Poking out his cigar and shutting the door to his thoughts.

He adjusts the covers and turns over to her too, dream the dream of his assuring day.

The day when love conquers all.


Todays best new poem was written by Guy.


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