Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m walking the
streets leaving footprints to where
I would be. I see the lights wrapped
tightly around a Christmas tree, with
drizzles of snowflakes falling on each
and, every leaf. The cold night blew away,

though my heart filled with warmth gave
me a reason to stay. As, I peek through the
windows, the lights dangle away, presents
unopened leaving a surprise for the next day.
Milk and cookies, set aside, while the mistletoe

waiting for the perfect love to find. The moonlit
sky shows me the way as I have nobody wanting
me to stay. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m walking
alone, my footprints follow me though nobody knows.
All I ever wanted was somebody to love, though, I was
never fortunate so I don’t get a hug. Dear Santa, its

Christmas Eve, will you come and get me, what I
have pleased? Christmas Day three hours to go,
no luck, no hope, and still no place to call home.
I buckle my coat tightly, as the chilly night passes
away walking the streets as my footprints once again,
lead me the way.


Todays best new poem was written by Lord Voldemort.


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