A Homeless Man’’s Cry

There are holes in my shoes from wear on the streets
There are scares on my back from sleeping on the concrete
My socks have holes from my soles busting through
And my teeth are stained black
And my breath smells of mildew
I only have one pair of jeans to last me through the year
But they’re two sizes too big, which reveal my underwear
The same ones I’ve had for at least two months
They have holes and stains
But I haven’t cleaned ’em once
Because every drop of water I can get I use it for my lunch
I’m homeless and I’m hungry
I can’t take this
It’’s too much
The only thing that plays over in my mind
Is I should have listened
But instead I got left behind
So I just sit and weep
And let my bitter soul grow
How did I ever get this far away from home?


Todays best new poem was written by Virelay Charmaine.