Surprisal Epiphany

In this extreme state of disarray
I endeavor to pull myself from this black hole ontogenesis
Supererogatory thoughts of losing you run through me with disdain
As your heartfelt words drown my environs into the Bermuda Triangle

My sincere apology leaves my balmy lips
Cherishing this veridical conception that your still here
My indocile psyche becomes sternly bewildered with discomfort
Because risk of displacing you or those close remains an eminent fear

The night ends but Helios cedes another radiating aurora
I excogitate to myself altering rapidly and inquire whatÂ’s happening
These dire consequences occur like I opened the chaotic box of Pandora
Another individual lurks inside the confines of my soul thriving

My hearts crashes in depths of lament like meteors into the atmosphere
With this fatal experience I hope to discover a newfangled me
To egress from this deplorable state in the voids of space to persevere
As I am released from this gravitational inertia slowly rising from my knees

Todays best new poem was written by Emanuel Charlot.


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