Sunshine After the Rain

Her heart is beating faintly, the tubes are down her throat,
The words are playing in his mind, of the last time they spoke.

He holds her hands, he’s praying for this dream to end.
Please do not take her from me, Please take my life instead.

Her life is too important, she has three kids at home,
How could I explain to them that Mommy wont come home.

Just the thought of losing her, makes him scream with tears.
Cause life without her by his side, is his worst of fears.

She had so many dreams in life, and she’s still very young.
This cannot be the end for her, it’s too soon for this to come.

For all his pain came rushing in, within this little time.
Then as he leans in for a kiss, he notices her smile.

His pain then quickly fades away, there no more tears, no strife.
She never knew the hurt she’d cause when she tried to end her life.

The tears start flowing from her eyes, as she hangs her head in shame.
For the thoughtless thing she chose to do, she’s the only one to blame.

She tries to remember all the things that brought her down this path,
Then all the memories come flooding in, but no one knows the half.

All theses things she bottled up, were killing her inside.
And all the hurt and pain she had, a smile she hid behind.

She was always told that God wont give you more than you could bear.
But everything kept piling up, and she couldn’t feel him there.

The moment when she took those pills, it was the only end in sight.
But now she sits here writing this, in hopes to save a life.

She had to hit rock bottom, before she finally realized,
That everything she ever needed, were in her children’s eyes.

Please do not take your life for granted, please hold it very tight.
Cause no matter how dark your tunnel seems, at the end there’s light.

For I got a second chance to tell my story, but you may not get the same.
So keep on fighting to the end, because there is sunshine after the rain.


Todays best new poem was written by Heather Malcolm.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine After the Rain

  1. Many people can relate to this. amazing how many people try to end their life not thinking of those they would leave behind

  2. This is a very beautiful poem. I pictured the poem vividly in my head and I saw it unfolding on a screen. I also love the rhyme scheme

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