I met you on the ancient, wind swept
Plains where souls lay burdened and bare.
You found me under a violent moon with
Blind eyes filled with falling stars.

I was searching for solace, a reprieve from
The broken shards of every world I knew.
Weary and broken, I surrendered the
Turning stone buried deep in my chest.

Your touch haunted me since my creation,
As if searching for the home I never knew.
I turned to you after a life time of battle,
Wounded at the crossroads of the forgotten.

Your voice drove the fire from my skies,
And opened my soul to your enternal glory.
My very being was filled with wonder
For the creator who stepped into my life.

My heart knows the power of your name
As my tongue sings the song of salvation.
Now I walk with the one I cannot deny
As I discover what I am meant to be.

Todays best new poem was written by Aaron Cornett.


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15 thoughts on “Stronghold

  1. This is a great descriptive poem and gives a good picture of a soul that is lost then found.

  2. This is AWESOME, I never knew you had that much talent. I hope you will stay with it.

  3. Aaron,so glad your father told me of this site . Your poem is thoughtfull and a very good insite to a loving soul.

  4. Aaron: I was caught up in having a similar experience.. wonderful flow of words, and the emotion fell from your lips.. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Keep up the good work (or Not work, if you ask me)’s funny .. the truest ones flow from the heart and onto the page.. Seems like what you were able to do here. Sweet!! ^0^

    • Thanks! So much goes through my mind that I’m thankful God gives me a gift to put it all into words.

    • LOL! I’ll have you sitting next to me trying to explain how some of that came about from our times in germany and hinesville!

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