Strawberries and Mistakes

I love the flavor of strawberries
Their taste in your lips
Apathetic of our closeness
We enjoy it

Like a ruthless assassinator
We know no compassion

The relation
Is now a devotion
That started with a mischief
With a lascivious vigor
When you gulped my cheeks
I love the way you do it
Gushing ecstasy

We are on an epitome
Or is it just an epoch
As we turn audacious
To people still around

Rubbing away the reality
In a dream was a dream
We plunge further
To love
To abomination
No qualm
Or compunction
But paradise

I wish you the night
As we taste our last strawberry
You ask me to taste it better
Like you were unsatisfied
The bounds break
Guilt abolish
The strawberry in you
The burning desire

Todays best new poem was written by Shilp Malpani.


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