Star, you open a window only for another door to be closed.

Only feel when you can reach.

If we are never apart, then why do you feel so far away? you are me and i am you.

I think I’m wasting my time looking for you.

But i won’t stop looking.

You’re in the dark half your life and it’s home for you.

But you’re in way to far for anything good to come out of it.

I’m the only one who can catch you when i fall.

‘Cause you’re close but still far.

So when i found myself in deep i failed to open my eyes.

I failed to open.

I’m not who i used to be.

I was one star in the dark sky,

one suffering little star.

I’m one and you’re 7 of the same person

The life i live is only to show respect to..

no one ever forgives until something is forgotten.

so do me a favor and forget.


I will lay and fight my tears before you kill me and i survive again.

I’m crawling out of the hole i dug and everything seems brighter.

This life is my only weakness.

I don’t need to be consoled if love is only gonna walk away again.

I’m one star in the dark sky.

Either I’m dull or bright,

your choice

It’s one way you see me.

I give my life to strangers and call it home.

I’m moving but I’m still here.

One step forward equals two steps into the grave.

I’m a star, either I’m beautiful, or something you’ll eventually get used to ,

lose interest like the rest do.

I’m lost sometimes, and that’s when I need you to find me. But, it’s not that simple anymore cause you’ve moved on from where i first found you.

everyone wants to be seen,i just want

To be listened to

so hear me.

Todays best new poem was written by Amiloove.


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