If I could write a song what lyrics could I use
to tell this ugly world the beauty I saw in you.
How could I even sing of the graceful way you moved.

If I could write a song I am sure it would be blue
what melody would capture your shining inner-light.

Would the bass notes reveal the darkness behind our eyes.
Could the licks on the guitar show the tears we all have cried.

If I could write a song it would be about your ride
of a journey cut too short.

Part of our soul and heart went with you.

I would give up my own life just to bring you back again
to give you one more chance at happiness and love.

I pray to God each day you see me from above

If I could write a song I would tell of my nightmare
the one that has haunted us since I saw you laying there dying.

No parent should have this image in their head
No parent should ever see his/her own child lying dead.


Todays best new poem was written by Adele.


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5 thoughts on “Song

  1. It is beautiful. It speaks of a Parents love for a beautiful child lost way to early Hope God conituines to heal you. Fishy

  2. I am so pleased that you are able to write your feelings down in trying to accept Reanna’s death. Life is not fair, no parent should have to deal with losing a child, memories are great but they don’t replace having her in your daily life or thinking of all she and all of us missed out on. Love you and Reanna always and forever. Mom/Grandma Carol xx

  3. Beautiful poem about a mom that loves her daughter so much and lost her too soon! It brought tears to my eyes. remember everyday to hug and kiss your children and show them how much you love them as this writer did with her daughter!

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