Sometimes I lay in darkness ,
just to see What I see
Sometimes I stare in darkness to find the better me
Such absence of light presented.. .
Such sorrow commencing to unfold.
Such tears and sadness radiant
What a story this darkness told.
Sometimes my fear is wicked.
Its goals obselete
To have to hold
to kill to destroy
to disturb the pure and meek..
the darkness makes me anxious..
to speak to it.
To pretend. To befriend it’s friendlies
and pend it’s ugliest
and mend a frightless trend.
Oh this darkness yes it’s darkness..
I stare until I see
An image I’m familiar with so that I fall asleep.


Todays best new poem was written by D’andrea Hopkins.


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One thought on “Sometimes

  1. “Sometimes” is quite true, coz in the end, you won’t sleep if you won’t spot a familiar sight.

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