Something About Her

As she Swiftly passes by her simple Vibe is felt

It coolly spreads across the room generating stares, smiles, & smirks

She carries a curious mystery with her

So silent yet massively intriguing

Something about her similar to gravity, she pulls people towards her

So modest and humble yet confident and so so soulful she puzzles most Men

A rare beauty inside & out , goal oriented , & many friends

Yet their was something most didn’t understand

No matter what others felt or were doing as the norm

She never hesitated to take her own way

Make her own route in life

That’s The Something i love about her. She simply goes against the grain

It’s always easy to do the same, yet a bit more tougher doing what you love

Dealing with societies virtual fame she gets offers for various schemes and ideas

She only has her own ideas though, how to live this life truly happy

With those who make you truly happy, doing well by others

Being an all around healthy loving individual

That something about her is simply everything about her

From her brain to the outside of her shoe lace

she’s the reason i believe in soul mates.

Todays best new poem was written by Alexander Gonzalez.


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