There is an enemy in every heart,
Shattering the love within.
There is war in every word,
Spoken from the ovens of the heart.
There is a song on every lip,
Drying up unsung in the din.
There is pain in every gain,
Testing futures in furnaces of the past.
There is hope in every tomb,
Raising fruits in barren wombs.
There is a muse in every man,
Musing poems in endless circles.

Todays best new poem was written by Andrew Aondosoo Labe.


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38 thoughts on “Soliloquies

  1. Should i say is sweet to d ears or what!,because i can’t just stop reciting the’s great.

  2. Andrew Labe should have his own category——Labe-ian Sonnet!
    Great words, great cadence, so much depth.

  3. this poem is one of the greatest the line of modern day poets will ever see. Master Andrew is a Guru in the making, keep it up.

  4. this is superb, a true
    lover of poetry can never stop reading it over and over

  5. A paint of reality with words carefully selected and used 4 people at all levels to read and comprehend. Poetic ingenuity! So concise but carrys a message of untapped powers.

  6. What a lush! so beautifully painted on the soft spot of my inquiry heart.O labe,creator of words,you have charmed the lines of my heart in so delicate a poem.Bravo!

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