Snow Globe

My world is a snow globe
And I am the little snowman
Sitting and watching
Always watching.
I sit on the bookshelf
Next to your trinkets and journals
And wonder what the dust
That covers them the way the snow covers me
Must feel like.
It isn’’t white
Or thick like my organs
But I have what I think to be a feeling
That we are both nothing more than pieces
Fitting together to create a whole:
A snowman.
A layer of dust.
Like a puzzle our flakes can be
Put together to create
Or separated to be destroyed.
Then I start to feel sorry for the dust.
Well, I think I’’m feeling sorry.
(I can’’t be sure.
I’’m only a snowman after all)
Because the dust is alone
Sitting on the trinkets
And I know it will never be able
To come into my home to say “hello”
Because the glass around me won’’t let it.
Believe me,
I’’ve watched it try to penetrate my shield.
I’’ve seen it land above me.
So close that I wonder if my ball is shrinking
To bring us together
Only to remind us that it is alone.
And then I watch as you walk over to your bookshelf
And wipe away the dust.
And then I remember
That I am the one
Who will always be alone.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Stephanie Fox.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?