The word flew away from my page.
And I sank conclusively,
like a falling palm leaf, to my bed.

I thought about the subversive acts of a gardener
that filled the news.
About the failing rains that
choke the paddy fields.
Meanings that shy away like
melting wax of a candle
in the chronicle of human euphoria….

The wind was stepping in
and wishing me a lovely night.
The stars above lifted the roof of my room
like a door and came near.
A little girl with a hat of cloud and
the smile of a moonlight, appeared.
I tried to talk to her.
But silence had put out the lamp of language
pulling a shady blanket over me.

I lay still.
I heard a name called,
something like mine,
a faint disparate tone.
Saw a light descending gracefully.
It took my heart and traveled.
Heights and heights.
Deep and deep.
My body and me
separate and together,
afar and beside..
a cool fragrance of remoteness

Then nothing.

Todays best new poem was written by P. Vijay Kumar.


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