Singing Alone

Singing alone is always misconstrued
For when you sing alone your heart lies beneath your feet
But when you sing together your voice will be heard
Along with the wind and whistles of morn
So when you’’re alone you can sing, but to your heart it is not a melody
For only a raindrop can be felt like a breeze of the ocean
Singing together is a notion
You’’re not very strong when you sing alone because your voice is only an individual
By the time you get to your destination time will have run out
Try not to stand like an eighth note but feel free to be composed
Let your heart be heard and become one with the world.
Singing alone you can do but it is a raisin in the sun
Try to sing together you defiantly will have a love
Because your loneliness will cause doubtful thinking
In minds of others
Love is feared
The gracefulness of your heart will be compared
This is why you should sing together
For the enjoyment that comes from above
Your life is everlasting if you know God
You will always be together in the graciousness of our conductor
So you are never alone in your singing
Just know that someone is there
You can revolt at anytime
But be prepared to get picked back up
Like an apple fallen off a tree
You are saved just like me.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Dustin Denson.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?