Simple Man

Moma tried to raise me a Simple Man
All through my teenage years
But with my rebelious ways, I ran
Now we both remember through eyes with tears.

I refused the lessons Moma tried to teach
Breaking many hearts along the way
Wrong decisions I were to reach
But Moma loved me everyday!

Turn of events were to come
Reality settled in and took it’s toll
The Lord blessed me with my own Son
That was the day I found my true soul.

My son has a bright future
I am correcting mine
I hope he is a Simple Man
I’ll be there for him in time.

Mistakes are made to learn by
A lesson I have learned the hard way
But the Simple Man in me knows,
Moma loves me everyday!

Unconditional love I will one day repay
I am repairing my life best and fast as I can
To come home to my Mother and my Son
Just a reliable, confident, loving Simple Man.


Todays best new poem was written by Sherri Gary.