Silent White

Snowflakes are floating all around.
They swirling, blowing, whisking across the ground.
It traipses on the roves, and is cradled by branches.
In a blistery breeze it dances.
It spools all around making for a cold winters’ night.
It forms a blanket of glistening white.
It tucks into every groove.
Simmering layers reflect the skies hues.
It drifts in the fields and spans out toward frozen lake masses.
Snow covers the mountain peaks and packs into rocky cliff faces.
It piles upon the smallest of places.
Mounding it slows the swiftest pace.
The snow has arrived with a silent grace.
Falling from heaven it pours down like crystallized tears.
It brings with it bitter cold and many fears.
In deadly silence it consumes all in the woods.
Deer, moose, and elk walk with muffled hooves.
Old growth trees are plastered in weighted white.
They appear ghostly in the light.
In the wind they reach out with a silvery mist.
How they formed is mysterious.
Rippled icicles cling to every ledge and tip.
They are the chilling fingers of winters’ grip.


Todays best new poem was written by Cactus Woman.


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