Silent Screams

Hushed voices piercing the silence.
Social reject seeking readmission.
Invading thoughts, centered on rejection.
Perfection, was my only weakness.
Curiousity, the candle that illuminates.
I took this candle and searched for truth.
The world frowned at my honest endeavour.
Direct questions shaking ignorantly held beliefs, planting deep rootedly the seed of doubt.
The leaves of reason fall flat on the ground.
I wonder if truth really sets people free.
Banishment I received in complete isolation,
probation, was to be granted if views were recanted.
I refused to assimilate reused ideologies,
I refused to adopt irrational beliefs
I……….Well does it matter anymore?
People shall believe what they want to.
As for me well life must go on.

Todays best new poem was written by Bryzo.


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