Showing The Hidden

The sky is gray. The sky is dark.
I never even hear a lark.
All caught up in the world I see
I never thought that this could be
A better time for me.

With every moment passing by
I walk, I droop, I sadly sigh.
In a great depression I
Try to hide the pain inside.
I need a friend nearby.

Slowly the friend comes walking near.
He has come the way to hear.
This friend is here to get to know
With almond eyes that love to flow.
I see not judgment show.

The sky is blue. The sky is bright.
It starts to feel like life is right.
It feels so good, all is nice.
But love is just a crazy dice
That can’t land the same way twice.

As life continues to progress
I’m starting to think it’s all a mess.
I roll the dice, I take a chance.
Halting a happy cheerful dance,
That starts to stop the romance.

Life will be life and no one knows
What emotion could surely show.
Just friends is what it continues to be.
Oh, I wish he could truly see.
That all of this surprises me.

I’m just glad he is still in my life
To cheer me up through all the strife.
I try to hide continued emotion
And never show more devotion
That is hidden in the commotion.

Todays best new poem was written by Katy Owen.


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