She Is … YOUR MOTHER !!!

she gave you life ,
she gave you birth,
no greater love ,
on all this earth.

she is your playmate,
she is your friend,
she is loyal ,
to the very end.

she is your teacher,
who held your hand,
and patiently,
made you understand.

she taught you to love,
she taught you to pray,
and when you went wrong,
she showed you the way.

stories of god’s creation,
she made us understand,
she also helped us to do our bit,
for our beloved motherland.

she taught us to hold our hands together,
and form a human chain,
that in this world none may feel alone,
and none may cry in vain.

she loves all her children,
and she wants us to know,
it does not matter in the least,
if we’re quick witted or slow.

she is such a loving person,
as loving as can be ,
you’ll jus sit to wonder,
what a loving person is she?

look in every little corner,
if you feel she’s not in any part,
there’s one place you are sure to find her,
and that is in your heart….

Todays best new poem was written by Vanlyn Dcunha.


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