I take a long, hard look into the mirror
And wish the image was a little more clear.
The girl inside returns my stare;
We have the same eyes, lips, and hair,
But I want to see the aspects to which others are blind–
What goes on in her mind?

Is there a storm brewing behind those blue eyes,
Or is there a gentle ocean beneath clear skies?
Is she plagued by nightmares?
Does she wonder if anybody cares?
I sigh and run my fingers through my curly locks–
Every movement she mocks.

Who is this girl?
Is she a common rock or a precious pearl?
Does she harvest greed
Or help those in need?
Does she hide behind her tears,
Or does she conquer her fears?

I reach out to touch the surface that shines;
Her fingertips press against mine.
Does she seek love and affection,
Or does she shy away from attention?
Can she sing like the caged bird?
Does she simply want to be heard?

Can she accept reality,
Or will she embrace insanity?
Can she have a fresh start?
Will she follow her heart?
I take a ragged breath and begin to cry;
Who is she–Who am I?

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Willow Abel.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?