Ruthless Riders

We lived and fought as bothers in the Viet Nam war.
Troopers, pilots, gunners, crewchiefs and so many more.

We were assigned to the Ruthless Riders, a unit with great fame.
7/17 Air Cavalry was the official Army name.

Our unit was so fearless fighting long after the day was done.
We worked; we fought yet still found time for some fun.

Our copters always flying like birds that could soar
But with wings of metal and guns mounted in the door

Always thinking of home and the life we left behind
But never forgetting why we were fighting was always on our mind

We fight for our country’s freedoms in a country so far away
Our Flag flying proudly over our compound each and every day

Now that this war is long over, we still find time to gather.
A reunion of brothers in combat, it’s as if time doesn’t matter.

We talk of old times and reminisce about our tour.
About how we lived and fought and wondering how did we endure?

We hug as we see each other not since that time so long past.
Brothers no longer in combat but true friendships that will always last.

Some brothers are no longer with us but we will remember their name.
A reunion without them will never quite be the same.

We will still get together, a reunion each and every year.
To talk, to laugh, to cry, and to remember is what we hold dear.

Once brothers in arms but now friends for always.
The times we fought side by side remembered for all days.


Todays poetry contest entry was written by JBrinn.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


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