Resting Time

Emotions run deep
I dream about them when I sleep
The events of today still ponder in my head
Which makes it so hard for me to go to bed
The feeling of let down
That the focusing of a smile is over taken by a frown
I know I’m not the only open-minded emotional wreck
Are am I the only one to open up yet
As night begins to turn to day
I’m still here laying wide awake
Looking out the window to watch the sunrise
Imagining what brings today in a world of surprise
Regular scheduled day going as expect
New faces and old ones I’ve already met
Events of each day never change
Getting same results is not my thing
Laying in bed another lonely night
I decided to find a better approach, so I write
All emotions down in ink
No longer will I have to lay awake at night and think…..


Todays best new poem was written by Lavasha Sherman.


7 thoughts on “Resting Time

  1. Lavasha is my best friend and I knew she was smart in the books but I didnt know she wrote poetry. She told me to come check out her work and it’s great. Keep up the great work girl. I knew you would be successful.

  2. Lavasha told me to come read her poem and the work is magnificent. Love you girl, you rock.

  3. Went to college with Lavasha and we became best friends but I knew she had talent but I didn’t know how much. Love the poem chick.

  4. Now you know I always said to keep striving and you will accomplish your dreams. You make my day every day with your words and thoughts. Keep up the GREAT work and I pray that one day your dreams will come true.

  5. You just sent me a link to your poem and I didn’t know you had skills. Keep up the work lil sis.

  6. Hey sis just came to check out your poem. I guess being the only girl out of 5 kids wasn’t so bad. You learned a talent of writing, LOL. Proud of you sis!

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