Remember 2 Smile…

Devastation of life,

Such sorrow for loss.

Many days hide from light,

My mind pays the cost.

Pain deep inside, a scar that won’t heal,

Love lost…a love true, a love real.

Night is the hardest it brings silent tears,

Never fading the sadness the passing of years.

Some say you grow stronger thru tears, pain and sadness,

It’s more like no fear as you drift into madness.

Must stay strong for the boys, mom, dad and sis,

And for all peeps who stuck by me thru this.

Someday it will come the heart ache will cease,

Remember 2 Smile…we have all found our peace.


Todays poetry contest submission was written by MamaC.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


4 thoughts on “Remember 2 Smile…

  1. One of the most heart breaking beautiful poems I ever read, it’s like telling a story, it has a start, the knot and the ending.

  2. I found this poem to be very soulful and heartfelt expressing a strong sense of hurt and loss. I felt by the finish she may have found the answer she needed to cope with in her situation, and for her sake ,I hope she has. I, very much can relate to the words and enjoyed her context. Good luck , MamaC, and many blessings. One of the best poems I”ve read in awhile. She’s got my vote!
    C. Campbell

  3. WOW! It Tore My Heart Out, Stomped On It, Put It Back And Made it Whole Again. Very Very Good Job MamaC I Loved It

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