Reclaiming Innocence

If you look closely, you’ll see the hidden sins.
Truth will fade out the lies.
If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the secrets within.
Listen to this child’s cry.
You can hear the sadness in the tears.
For the walls have eyes,
and the floor has ears.

The proof will be hidden in the shadows.
Even if the lights are dim,
or the shades are closed;
so you can’t peek in.
Although the tea pot has muzzled out the screaming,
the pain can be prepared to the pitch of the whistling.
The fears have been shared by the carrying of the wind.

A man with an evil spirit is in this place.
Where faith is tested & trust is deceived.
& compassion has no face,
& the memory of youth is grieved.

The bond of safety is broken
& it’s too much for this child to handle.
Because innocence was stolen,
& faith in the Almighty was gambled.

This man doesn’t realize;
that this child is sacred.
& that none of God’s children should be sacrificed.
It’s not why we’re created.

He feels powerful, I’m sure.
But he’s a coward out of control.
He could compromise this child’s future.
He can shatter the soul.

Somehow over time,
he was defeated.
This child has taken back her life.
With God this man’s fate can’t be cheated.

So I must forgive him.
I will cry no more.
For I am no longer a victim,
I’m a survivor.

Todays best new poem was written by Kenya.


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One thought on “Reclaiming Innocence

  1. I don’t think I had complete closure until I finished this peice. Readers that share a similar experience of someone violating you, please take back your power.

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