Sometimes I get lost between reality and dreams
sometimes things aren’t always as they seem
my dreams were accomplishing more than I can be
but my reality was that everything was dying inside of me
my dreams were makin it in life and never being poor
but my reality was only having food for the night then there was no more
my dreams were walkin down my street and feeling so alive
but my reality was walking down my street and thinking I was gonna die
my dreams were making momma so proud of me
but my reality was I caused her so much pain and greif
my dreams were playing and laughing with all my family
but my reality was seperating from them cuz they can’t stand me
my dreams were to get my high school diploma, I got it
my dreams were to become a world champion, I’m on it
sometimes I get lost between reality and dreams
but sometimes, my dreams become reality

Todays best new poem was written by Desiree Duran.


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