Raging Inside

With a burning purpose
I strive forward
To secure a freedom and liberties
Never experienced before by common men

Perhaps not for me
But for them
The sons and daughters so fragile
The weak, the poor, and enslaved

To find hope that many considered lost
To recover stolen dignities
And create a solid foundation
For a true democracy

This purpose burns inside
Like a flame
One that greed cannot extinguish
This burning purpose never dims

Lighting the way to a genuine freedom
That gives life
To liberties plentiful and creation itself
To revolutionary change for the good of mankind

Love and compassion
Truth and righteousness
These unlimited resources fueling the fire
Held forever ablaze

I guard this flame with my life
I hold the torch high
Illuminating the pathway to peace
For the entire world to embrace

Todays best new poem was written by Adrian Lyttle.


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One thought on “Raging Inside

  1. Oh, how we need to give balance to the violence, the destruction, and negativity..We all fight the force of Evil in our own ways.. this was yours.. good job.

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