Rachmaninoff By The Sea

The student plays Rachmaninoff
In the cottage by the sea
An aging teacher listens,
She will practice ’til perfect

A lullaby compared to the fierce waves
The mighty ocean overcomes her,
Her life from the bottom up-
Shells, starfish, sand dollars, sea glass of memories
Unexamined by her or anyone;

A hush of a moment
Brings the young woman her encore,
The teacher softens his voice
Asking her for another recital
To the men and women who can only hear beauty
In her wonderful music;

Their lives unleashed like treasure from the ocean’s depth
For all to inhale like the mists of spectacle,
Her life like a seashell just holding her story,
A secret unlike the music of her life,
Rachmaninoff would only compose

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Heather Young.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?