Quit Smoking

I open my eyes and look around,
I think of the setting Sun.
Atlast, its the truth that I’ve found.
But,neither life , nor death can I shun.

I lie helpless on my bed.
Still alive, but waiting to be dead.
Tears of regret flood my cheeks.
One last chance , is all is all my life seeks.

The doctors just refuse to say,
If i would live through the day.
I wonder if it would be just to pray.
Coz, I am a smoker,and I smoked my life away.

I am broken inside,
But I try to be brave.
On me were the eyes of doom that spied,
As I puffed towards my grave.

My dear ones stand, by my side.
Tears of sorrow , they can’t hide.
My mom sits weeping, by my feet.
Wondering how long , will her son’s heart beat.

I had smoked like a chimney -day and night,
Knowing not, that it wasn’t right.
Now I wish , I hadn’t seen this day,
I am a smoker , and I smoked my life away.

I had to pay the price.
As written in my fate.
Friend! Please heed my voice.
And quit it, before its too late

Todays best new poem was written by Vinodvm.


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