She refused my love.
I was sincere,
I was prize winner in
The competitions she kept.
Since I got medal of pain
Though, I lost the competition.

Years rolled…
Her name was my password
For my e-mail id.
That’s all I can do, because
I can’t keep her name to my daughter
Chance of many questions…

On seeing my daughter
With her classmates boys
Question rose within me…
Is there is a chance for my daughter
To fall in love or else what she will do
When somebody proposes her???
Something turned out of me…

I got the answer with a question…
Though my lover refused my love,
I expect the same to do by my daughter
Because am father…
“What is the logic man”???
A voice came, there was no one!!!
In front of mirror.

Todays best new poem was written by SIDDHU.


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