Procreation Is Necessary

show some respect.
it’s a good deal
unlikely to be contagious
but forced into this kind of
leaning towards that sleepy motion
“he grew furiously angry.”
it was a bit uncalled for
but not unfounded.
she could walk fairly well
Under her own power.
but put with one another
she’s paraplegic.
slid between a pair of pierced lips
and pyramid braced mammoths
with teeth too big and
a head with some brains
and a couple ones with good grades
and someone on board who knew how to
make things go.
its just not possible.
pain is one thing- but there’s none
left who live the old way.
not everyone’s a hunter.
a dog barked.
and she wished she had a dog, too.

Todays best new poem was written by Chelsea McDonald.


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